One Shoe (part of iO)

We create daily impact

One Shoe is an international creative & digital agency. Since 2006, we've been combining strategy, creation, design and development in order to make the daily lives of people better and more fun!

This is us.

A mix of brainpower, creativity and craftsmanship: over 50 specialists in brand strategy, digital strategy, UX, design, creation and development work at One Shoe. We create campaigns and digital solutions that appeal to people, encourage them to take action and drive growth. Solutions with a positive impact on the daily lives of your target group.

Our motto: Curiosity Creates

We believe that you can only create good work with a curious mind. Through a deep-seated interest in the brand; the customer; the problem that needs solving and the end user. By not merely using technology and creativity because it's possible, but as a resource for affecting people. By not taking things for granted, but always taking a fresh look at the world around you. That gives us deeper insights, a better understanding and more relevant solutions. That’s why ‘Curiosity Creates’ is what we believe.

Changing, improving and innovating together

With national and international customers from a range of sectors

  • DHL
  • Leaseplan
  • ING
  • Studiekeuze123
  • G4S


  • Lovie AwardNon-ProfitKanker.nl2019
  • Lovie AwardHealthKanker.nl2019
  • Lovie AwardBest User ExperienceStudiekeuze1232019

Technology & Stacks

  • React
  • Drupal
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • iOS
  • Prismic

Count on the expertise of 1500 specialists

Having just one trusted point of contact and access to a wide range of specialisations: together with more than 25 other companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Bulgaria, we will soon become one brand: iO. This new brand is the next step in our mission to become the number one end-to-end partner for our clients. Our goal? To create infinite opportunities for our clients, seamlessly across disciplines and locations. Focusing on the end-user at all times. Read more about iO at

We are part of...

  • Emerce100
  • Dutch digital agencies

Why that one shoe?

You see them at the side of the road throughout the world: a stray shoe on the verge or sidewalk. Always just one, never two. Sometimes with an entire life history behind them and sometimes fresh from the shop. How is it possible to lose one shoe in the middle of the road? It's a mystery that no one's going to solve. Every time you see one, you wonder, “What's the story behind this one shoe?”

That's exactly the question we ask when we start a new project. What's the story behind our customer's question? What are they trying to achieve and why? Those are the questions that keep inspiring us and taking us further. Every time we meet someone. Every new challenge we take on.

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strategy, creation, design and technology