One Shoe (part of iO)

11 years of Drupal core and community contributions by One Shoe

One Shoe, a Drupal Agency with offices in Utrecht the Netherlands and Munich Germany,  is an active player in the Drupal community for more than 11 years and contributes a lot to the Drupal Community and Drupal 8 core. Wat did we exactly do the last years? Here you can find a brief summary of our contributions to the Drupal community.

One Shoe | 25 feb 2015

The people working at the One Shoe offices in  Utrecht the Netherlands and Munich Germany, have a strong preference for open source systems and especially for Drupal. Since the launch of our agency in 2006 we have grown to  become the Drupal specialist of the Netherlands.  Because we have been working with Drupal for more than 11 (!) years this march, it is time to look back on our efforts for the Drupal community. And.. we'll keep on going!

• Near the end of 2014 our Dutch e-health website won the Splash Award for best Drupal website of the Benelux in the category Media / Publishing.

• One Shoe wants to reciprocate and contribute to the Drupal community and is therefore a Drupal Featured Provider in the Netherlands on

• Our CEO Michel van Velde is co-founder of SDBN: Foundation Drupal Companies Netherland, a foundation that promotes Drupal at large fairs and exhibitions.

• We are also co-founder of the DrupalJam, the largest Dutch Drupal community event with 300+ participants.

• We successfully argued for the introduction of Drupal as a CMS standard for students and for using Joomla and .NET courses at the largest IT and media studies in the Netherlands: Digital Communication.

• We launched the Drupal User Group Netherlands on Meetup where now 200+ members are connected.

• And we started the Drupal Developer group on Linkedin (2000+ members)

• We are business partner of SDN - Drupal Netherlands Foundation, a foundation that supports the Drupal community in Netherlands

• We organize and sponsor the monthly (free) Drupalcafé tech talks in Utrecht where we share knowledge about Drupal and Drupal related topics.

And we also were:

• Gold Sponsor different Drupal Jams

• Silver sponsor DrupalCon Munich

• Organizer Drupal 7 UX code sprint in 2009 at our office in Utrecht

• Organizer Drupal 7 release party

• Organizer Dutch Drupal meetup in New Years 2012

• Gold sponsor of DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

• Organizer Drupal CXO event Utrecht 2014

• Organizer Drupal CXO dinner DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

• Organizer Drupal New Years Party 2015

• Organizer Drupal CXO dinner DrupalCon Barcelona  2015

• Gold sponsor Drupalcamp Munich 2016

• Gold sponsor DrupalJam Utrecht 2016

• Organizer Drupal CXO dinner DrupalCon Dublin  2016 

• Organizer Drupal Global CEO Survey 2016

• Silver sponsor DrupalCon Munich 2017

• Organizer Drupal Global CEO Survey 2016

• Sponsor of Drupalcamp Munich Germany 2016

• Organizer Drupal CXO dinner DrupalCon Vienna  2016 

• Speaker at Drupal Business Summit  2017

• Organizer German Drupal Splashawards  2017

And much much more..

Examples of Drupal 8 core and community contributions One Shoe

We not only contribute to (major) Drupal events but also to code and support:

• Contributed to the deployment module SnapIt
• Contributed Form module dependencies
• Contributed menu items Export module
• Helped improve Entity reference autocomplete widget
• and much more ...

Of course it does not stop here. The coming years we bear the responsibility to actively contribute to the Drupal Community. Want to learn more or collaborate? Please send us an email.