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New: data-driven overviews for platform

How do you give people quick insights into statistics regarding cancer? How many people are diagnosed annually, or how many patients are still alive five or ten years after diagnosis? This is important information for people dealing with the disease. For platform, we developed a way to show current information about more than 70 types of cancer using simple figures.

One Shoe | 01 mrt 2021

data-driven overviews for platform

The platform offers comprehensive information, empirical knowledge and tools to help patients that suffer from the illness. That is why the platform provides patients and their loved ones with insights using figures that are easy to understand. The data is pulled from the ‘Nederlandse Kankerregistratie’ (NKR). This is a national registry in which data on people with cancer are recorded.

Technical link provides up-to-date information

We have developed graphics that are generated, based on data from the NKR. For this, we have built a link that extracts the data from an API. Thanks to this technical link, the overviews showing the numbers and percentages can be easily updated.

data-driven overviews for platform

Tested for comprehensibility in user tests

The graphics we have developed have been tested for comprehensibility in user tests. The foundation, together with IKNL and Tilburg University, conduct research among website visitors about how they experience the new graphics and whether they are clear to them. The questionnaire is available to visitors on the pages with the numbers for the most common forms of cancer. With the results of this research, the representation of the information can be improved even further!

All data from the NKR that are being presented by can be seen via this overview page.

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