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We're the new digital design partner of Leolux!

We are very pleased to work as a digital design partner for Dutch furniture maker Leolux. Our focus will be on delivering a 'premium brand experience' and increasing the conversion to the store. How we do that? With data-driven design!

One Shoe | 28 mei 2020

Digital Design voor Leolux

Dutch furniture maker Leolux has been making unique design furniture of high quality since 1934. Comfort, quality and an individual design: that is what Leolux stands for.

Data-driven design

At One Shoe we believe in the added value of data-driven optimization. This means we don't 'just' make changes. We validate hypotheses as quickly as possible, for example in test labs or using (A/B) tests. The end-user (and not gut feeling!) determines what works and what doesn't. Instead of long rebuild processes, we improve a platform step by step. In this way, we reduce time-to-market and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Design voor Leolux

The story behind the design object

Leolux sofas, armchairs and coffee tables are all unique design objects, designed by renowned designers. Everything is manufactured - partly by hand - by the furniture makers in Venlo. Each piece of furniture tells a unique story. This story will get a prominent place on the new product page. With beautifully detailed photography interspersed with video and subtle moving images. Digital storytelling and conversion go hand in hand.

Digital Design for Leolux

Redesign of the main page: the product page

Based on the idea that conversion offers the most concrete and tangible opportunities, we are now working on the product page first. We develop a brand new page that can be included in the current site. We improve the content and interaction but also take the opportunity to add new content. At the same time, we prepare an A/B test to measure how well the new design performs compared to the current version. This way, our digital design will add value to Leolux!

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