One Shoe (part of iO)

Digital strategy for world player Nexans

Nexans is the world's second largest player in the cable and optical fiber industry. The multinational delivers innovative services and resilient products that carry thousands of watts of energy and terabytes of data per second around the world. Creative & digital agency One Shoe is currently working on Nexans’ digital strategy, social media strategy and optimising its online presence.

One Shoe | 17 dec 2019

Autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, the energy transition: the industrial sector is undergoing unprecedented change. Nexans is also changing as they are reinventing themselves as the critical link in a globalised and accelerated digital world.

Optimising online presence

Innovation within Nexans comes with a new story to tell to their customers. One Shoe makes sure this story is being told consistently via all channels, like and internal channels (intranet). As a listed company with a global headquarter in Paris, France, informing and connecting with its global audience is of great importance to Nexans, by publishing announcements such as full-year results and project statuses. Therefore we are managing the global web platforms for both internal and external communications.

Social Media Strategy to reach new customers and employees

Social Media is an important channel to allow Nexans to reach out to their current customers, to gain the attention of more potential customers and attract new employees. It gives Nexans a consistent winning brand personality, keep investors informed, stick to stock exchange content obligations, prevent failure, recruit new employees, support the shift towards a customer centric approach and increases its digital presence. We’re concentrating on the right target audiences validated by data and analytics to make sure there will be a growth in site visits and conversion of organic traffic and paid traffic.