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Drupal Commerce or Magento?

To become successful is a deliberate choice of the right open source e-commerce system (EMS). Magento and Drupal Commerce are the two good options. But how do you make a choice between the two?

One Shoe | 21 jan 2015

If I am asked what software One Shoe advises to set up an online store, we bring in the overall online strategy and the buying process (customer journey) map. Because the choice is not only dependent on the system itself, but also on your overall online strategy.

What are my visitors looking for?

The purchases made by visitors in a shop compares quite well with purchases in a physical store: shopping behavior in both cases depends on the purpose for which the visitor buys something, the knowledge they have of the articles and the value given to the articles. When making a choice of an e-commerce system you could therefore ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are visitors to my shop looking for a quick and smart purchase (detergent, pens, toothpaste)?
  • Are visitor collecting information about the product first before they finally decide to purchase (holidays, clothes or electronic devices)?


Web stores where the product catalog is the core, often use Magento. Magento is used for online stores that work with lists of items and where the productinformation is secondary. The online purchasing behavior of these visitors is focused on fast and smart purchases.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is just more convenient for visitors who want to gather information first before finally going to buy. These merchants generally have articles with a higher emotional value and / or purchase amount. Storytelling plays an important role here. The customer journey from landing page to call-to-action and purchase of a product is embedded with Drupal Commerce within the context of the website.

The choice of technique is the online strategy for satisfying the customer needs and therefore the most important. Is your product suitable for storytelling and needs therefore additional content or is it a product with fast and smart purchase needs?

Krista Dirksen, Account e-commerce

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