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DRZ Portal has become an indispensable platform

Domein Roerende Zaken and One Shoe are working together on a government portal that registers objects - like vehicles and fireworks - that have been confiscated by the National Police and special investigation services, and that must remain in custody.

One Shoe | 26 jul 2019

More than 3.5 million (!) objects have now been registered in the DRZ portal. Thanks to this portal, all parties involved can see what the status is of each item at a glance, including actions that should be taken by the various parties, and which actions have already been taken. Think of fireworks that have been seized and must be destroyed, or a car that must be auctioned.

Technical partner

To ensure that those millions of objects can be correctly registered and tracked, we have been managing the governmental web application for more than 6 years now. We continuously implement technical improvements that make it easier to track an object through time, and optimize the work process for all the organisations involved.

Test-Driven Development

The web application always stays up-to-date through Test Driven Development, a software development method in which we first write tests before we write new functional code. As a result, in the past 6 years, the portal of Domein Roerende Zaken has become an indispensable platform for the OM, the National Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) and the special investigation services FIOD, ISZW, ILenT and NVWA.

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