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Meetup Dutch Laravel Foundation a great success!

Last Tuesday, together with the Dutch Laravel Foundation, we organised a Meetup about - guess what - Laravel! While enjoying pizzas and drinks, four presenters gave presentations about PHP 7.4, multilanguage and kubernetes.

One Shoe | 17 dec 2019

dutch laravel foundation meetup

A great topic makes a great night

The sold-out Meetup - with 78 (!) attendees- consisted of three talks. Passionate professionals told everything about this framework. Arto Rozenga & Dennis Koster from PXL.Widgets about PHP 7.4, Ruud Schaaphuizen from Sqits gave a glimpse into his experiences with multilingualism in applications and Bobby Bouwman took them into the world of Kubernetes.

Dutch Laravel foundation

The Dutch Laravel Foundation - which One Shoe is co-founder of - is a unique initiative in the Laravel world, taken by example by several countries.

Companies, freelancers and development teams that work with Laravel can become a member of this foundation.