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Michel van Velde selected as a speaker at DrupalCon Dublin

DrupalCon Dublin is the biggest Drupal event of Europe.

One Shoe | 01 aug 2016

CEO Michel van Velde has been selected to speak at Drupalcon Dublin, the largest Drupal event in Europe. Drupalcon Dublin takes place from 26 to September 30, 2016. The presentation of Michel van Velde is part of the business track and focuses on Drupal agency owners. The central question is whether, how, and when Drupal agencies should expand their services.

To specialise or not to specialise: that's the question

Is broadening your services elevating your Drupal agency to the next level?

Specialising or broadening your services are often presented as a choice: you can have one or the other. But why can’t they coexist within your Drupal agency?

Michel van Velde is co-founder of One Shoe, one of the biggest integrated advertising and digital agencies in the Netherlands. From day one, his agency combines services as advertising (campaigns), strategy, UX, design, web development (Drupal, Laravel) and mobile development to provide unified solutions to clients.

Why did he make that decision and what is the added value? How did he keep focus in the last ten years? Why should you (not) only offer Drupal web development to your services?

In this presentation Michel van Velde shares insights on why, when and how you should consider diversifying your business.

Tickets for Drupalcon Dublin are available through this link. Would you like to receive the presentation slides by email? Send an email to