One Shoe (part of iO)

Michel van Velde speaker at Adfo Live!

Michel van Velde, founder and CEO of advertising and digital agency One Shoe, will give a talk atAdfo Liveon setting up a successful omni-channel strategy.

One Shoe | 31 jul 2015

Adfo Live is the annual Dutch event for professionals in marketing, communications and advertising.

Integration is king: how to develop a succesful omni-channel strategy?

Customer journeys nowadays run across different touchpoints - and even different channels.  Therefore brands must converge online and offline channels to meet customer needs. 

Michel van Velde, strategist and CEO of One Shoe, tells everything about developing an integrated strategy. How do you connect online and offline touch points? How do you create an uniform look across all channels? How do you create a successful exchange of data between different systems? And what does this mean for your organization? In short: how do you develop a successful omni-channel strategy?

Adfo Live takes place on 15 and September 16, 2015 at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. Michel van Velde will speak on Tuesday, September 15th at 11.45 am. Check out the program here.