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Movares chooses One Shoe for developing their brand strategy

Movares, a consulting firm for infrastructure and mobility, has enlisted the expertise of One Shoe to help improve their positioning and strategy.

One Shoe | 21 feb 2019

And as we speak, our brand strategist works alongside Movares to create an authentic and appealing brand story during multiple workshops. With a new and clear positioning and brand strategy, Movares will have a strong foundation for achieving their goals.

Brand strategy at One Shoe

A brand strategy traject begins with several workshops in which we address the client’s questions and set up a framework. Does your mission matches the needs of your target group? What does your brand add to the daily life of the target group? What is your target group looking for and how can you fulfill their needs? Why do you do what you do? Can it be different, better, more convenient, more practical or smarter?

Together we’ll come up with new purposes and a strong brand that keeps your business ahead of the competition and makes you invaluable for your clients and target groups.

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