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One Shoe gold sponsor DrupalCon Amsterdam

DrupalCon Amsterdam is coming! Together with 1500 Drupal enthusiasts, influencers and other organisations, we will be present at this international event to contribute to the community and to be inspired by various talks and people. This year One Shoe is a gold sponsor of DrupalCon Amsterdam, will we see you there?

One Shoe | 12 sep 2019

DrupalCon Amsterdam

At DrupalCon, everything is about - indeed - Drupal! During this week, DrupalCon offers the stage to the most ambitious case studies and gives you the opportunity to inspire others, take your own work to the next level or see what Drupal has to offer you as a potential user.

Sponsoring is investing in the development of Drupal

Drupal is a popular content management framework used by millions of websites and applications worldwide. As one of the founders of the Drupal community in the Netherlands, One Shoe has been a big fan for years. The Drupal CMS has an open source character and is actively maintained by a worldwide community of developers. By sponsoring Drupalcon we contribute to knowledge development within the community and to the further development of the framework.

Talk: Brexit and digital marketing

During Drupalcon our CEO Michel will give a talk about how the Brexit referendum has been won by the use of innovative, groundbreaking and pioneering digital marketing techniques. In this presentation he gives a behind the scenes insight in the leave campaign and what can we learn from this. This talk is specifically interesting for people who work in digital marketing and developers who want to be on the forefront of digital marketing. 

Drupal CEO Dinner

With pride and enthusiasm, CEOs Michel van Velde (One Shoe) and Janne Kalliola (Exove) organise the annual Drupal CEO dinner at DrupalCon Amsterdam! This tradition started at DrupalCon Munich in 2012 and has grown into one of the biggest social events at European DrupalCons now. This evening offers directors, CEOs and agency leaders the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas and share knowledge about the use and application of the popular Drupal CMS. You can register via this link!