One Shoe (part of iO)

One Shoe talks about E-health at Appril Festival

Colleagues Johan Oosterbaan and Arnoud Blankensteintalk about UX and E-health atAppril Festival, the largest mobile festival in Europe. Appril Festival aims to spotlight Dutch successes in the field of digital applications, mobile apps and web applications. 

One Shoe | 29 mrt 2016

Designing experiences in e-health

The technological potential of ehealth will cause major changes for both caregivers and patients. How to create a seamless user experience for healthcare, taking into account privacy-sensitive information, special target groups and strict requirements around safety?

During this presentation Johan Oosterbaan and Arnoud Blankenstein show the specific challenges in desiging a digital product for healthcare taking into account iPads, smart meters, prototyping, usability research, Apple conventions, accessibility.

Tuesday april 12th 13:30 - 14:15 / Location: Break Out 3 (Media Plaza)