One Shoe (part of iO)

Digital innovation opportunities in healthcare: One Shoe present at Mobile Healthcare Conference

One Shoe will give an informative talk at the Mobile Healthcare Conference: the largest BeNeLux conference on digital health and the annual meeting event for 1000+ healthcare professionals, management and management, administrators and innovators working at a healthcare institution, patients and providers.

One Shoe | 05 nov 2018

Technological developments provide a range of possibilities for improving healthcare. How can these developments be better utilized? One Shoe is present to share our knowledge on this topic.


Michel van Velde (CEO of One Shoe) and Floor van Riet (senior UX strategist) will discuss the digital innovation opportunities for websites of healthcare organizations and hospitals:

The website of your healthcare organization or hospital plays a crucial role in informing and supporting your patients and their relatives, job seekers and secondary target groups. These are all opportunities to provide excellent online services, patient education, clear communication and customer orientation.

 What function does the website of the healthcare organization of tomorrow have? Where are digital innovation opportunities? In this session we investigate how you, as a healthcare organization, can provide in a distinctive way, the digital needs of the patient of tomorrow. We also talk about the digital trends and developments for 2019, including chatbots, API-first, accessibility and content marketing.

We share lessons learned from our work for OLVG, Espria, Abrona, Omring, St. Antonius Hospital, Jeroen Bosch Hospital and many others.

About the Mobile Healthcare Conference

The 7th edition of Mobile Healthcare is on Thursday 8 November at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. You can sign up for the event here. The presentation of One Shoe starts at 11.15 in room 4.