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Podcast about User Experience!

UXU Design Conversations: a podcast about User Experience Design and digital product design. For (UX) designers, students, (digital) marketers, and everyone who is working on apps and websites. One Shoe participates in this podcast where 5 UX Designers discusses the ins and outs of this trade. Expect tips and tricks and inspiring conversations about UX Design.

One Shoe | 28 aug 2019

The indispensable what is called "User Experience"

Good UX means better business. The way customers experience your digital product or service on a daily basis determines how they will feel about your brand or organization. So it’s all the more important that it has to run as smoothly as if it was on rails. Good UX goes deeper than creating things that “do what they’re supposed to”. We make sure that your customers feel understood, are pleasantly surprised and get a smile on their face. That is why our UX specialists work every day on the ultimate digital solution for our clients.

UXU MeetUp

The podcast is part of User Experience Utrecht (UXU), a MeetUp group from Utrecht that has now 625 followers. This MeetUp is the perfect opportunity to meet other UX designers or getting to know the profession better. Floor van Riet, UX Lead at One Shoe, is one of the co-organizers.

The podcast

The third episode "Presenting your work" is now online. Here the do's and don’ts of presenting your work are discussed. Creating fingerlicking design is one thing, but how do you convince your colleagues or your boss?

Enthusiastic? Be sure to listen to "The Dark Side Of UX" about design ethics and "My Ux Career" which discuss how you stand out as a UX’er.

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