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Virtual Reality Commercials are the next big thing in advertisement

Virtual reality commercials will play an important role in creating a unique brand experience that consumers have not previously experienced.

One Shoe | 18 feb 2015

Virtual Reality Commercials are the next big thing in advertisement

Who wouldn’t want to spent time in the middle of the catwalk of Victoria Secret, ride with Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari Formula 1 car or be surrounded by Zombies in a special episode of Fox's The Walking Dead. The Oculus Rift, Google's Virtual Reality Cardboard solution and Microsoft HoloLens open a new world for advertisers. Virtual reality commercials will play an important role in the creation of a unique brand experiences that consumer have not yet experienced. It will not be long for consumer versions of the Virtual Reality glasses are on the market for a few hundred euros. Already you can experience on your mobile phone.

Today, there are new opportunities for advertisers to jump into this new form of brand experiences. Google recently introduced the Google Cardboard. A do-it-yourself cardboard container in which a mobile phone can be placed. Using a split screen virtual reality movie, the user can easily and at low cost experience Virtual reality commercials and movies. As an agency we are already approached by brands and companies that want to get started. Not only for commercials it is interesting. For example, company presentations and tours of companies virtual reality are interesting solutions as well.

Currently companies are working hard to realize easy to use 360 degrees camera’s. Soon several 360 degree cameras will appear on the market. Various projects we follow closely are the Jaunt Project and Beyond by Samsung, the 360Fly, GEONAUTE, Kodak PixPro SP360 and Giroptic. Jaunt and Project Beyond using 12 or more cameras. This gives the image barely distortion. The other cameras use from 1 to 3 lenses that software to be welded together. However, it is still unclear when these cameras will be available at all.

Currently commercials and videos are produced with GoPro Hero cameras. A DIY installation allows you to attach up to 12 GoPro's. Special software also assembles these images together. Finishing is laborious though.

The consumer reactions can be described as unique. Virtual Reality Commercials, therefore, offer the possibility to realize a long-lasting engagement in a unique way. We expect a lot of this new market!