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Core Model Workshop

This workshop lets you structure your website in no time!

Which pages are essential for your platform or website? What do users and visitors to these pages need to see or do in order to achieve their desired objectives? And what are your own business goals for the page visits?

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The heart of a page visit

It is important to approach a digital product as a whole, but users will never view the entire solution in a single go. They end up on your website or platform from all kinds of channels and it is essential that the visit yields as much as it can, both for them and for your organisation.

In this workshop:

  • Create pages based on their essence and relevance
  • Serve the users better with less explanation and more context
  • More or better traffic by improving the relevance and the yield

Key questions in the Core Model workshop:

Users’ tasks

Users’ tasks

What do various target groups want to see and do on a core page?

Business goals

Business goals

What exactly do you and your organisation want to achieve at the moment of the visit?

Create touch-points

Create touch-points

How can you generate more or better traffic by focusing on the relevance for the user?

Create the ideal pages from multiple perspectives

Target groups

Think as various target groups and types of visitors do (or personas can be used) or look at how different pages are used.


Add structure to essential pages to get the best and most relevant user experience.


Define or tighten up your own or your organisation’s objectives with these users.

Take-aways and ROI

What do your users take home with them and how do you create more engagement and return visits?

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If you want to create your digital solution and fine-tune it so that the end-user gets exactly what they want, achieving a number of business objectives straight away, then a Core Model workshop will take you right back to the core of your platform.

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