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Digital solutions

Digital solutions that make life a lot easier, better and more enjoyable.

Our digital team develops websites, platforms, services and tools that let organizations grow and keep customers satisfied.

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Brainpower, creativity & professionalism

We build digital solutions with an impact

We understand better than anyone else how great it is when digital solutions, products and services just work as they should. That they meet a need, are comfortable to use and also give your brand identity a boost.

 Our digital team builds complete solutions based on strategic insights, user experiences and design. And they use market-leading technology. Resolving information needs and making processes simpler or more pleasant has won prizes for us. But above all, we make a difference in people’s daily lives – in short, our work matters.

Our services

Campaign websites

Campaign websites

We use powerful designs with an emphasis on the content and conversion to develop successful websites for your brand and marketing campaigns.

Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

Your corporate website is a powerful medium for achieving business objectives such as more leads, new customers or greater brand familiarity.

Multi-site platforms

Multi-site platforms

Manage and publish dozens or even hundreds of websites from a single CMS.

More about Multi-site Platforms

Content-driven platforms

Content-driven platforms

Platforms that invite visitors to immerse themselves in the content. With attractive content, a smart site structure and effective filters and search functions.

Web & mobile applications

Web & mobile applications

Translate the services you provide into web and mobile applications so that they’ll always be ready to hand for your target group.

More about Web Applications

More about Mobile Applications

System integration

System integration

We make systems simpler, more efficient, more flexible or more secure using innovative, integrated IT solutions.

Technology & stacks

Our developers work using the latest technology and tried-and-tested stacks:

With an agile mindset

The way we like to cooperate

Our agile mindset means that our teams can go about meeting your digital goals in a disciplined and innovative way. We develop in cycles, keep delivering new elements and keep checking that we’re still on the right track. We find rapid and smart ways of using the knowledge we acquire as the project progresses.

ISO9001 & ISO27001

Maximizing the quality of our work

Hackers and data leaks are in the news every day, so it’s good to know that our development processes are in perfect order and that all information is treated completely confidentially. It has to be, because we are dealing with large data files, personal data, other parties’ networks and other confidential information on a daily basis.

Our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification means that you can rely on our business operations, information security, customer satisfaction and quality of service all being at the highest level!

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