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Drupal support & maintenance

Your Drupal website stable, secure and reliable – 24/7

We can be the Drupal specialist for all the admin of your Drupal website. Anything from support and maintenance with no obligations through to SLAs running 24/7.

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Drupal support & maintenance

We have everything for a secure and stable Drupal website

At One Shoe, we provide top-quality support and maintenance for existing Drupal websites, modules and module development. Our experienced team of Drupal specialists make sure that your website or platform is always secure and available.

The heart of Drupal is the global community: thanks to them, Drupal is always up-to-date.

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Our Support & Maintenance service

Drupal support

Drupal support

From the simplest through to the most complex challenges: our experienced support team offers the best possible support for any disruptions to your website.

Drupal maintenance

Drupal maintenance

Better safe than sorry. Regular maintenance comprises backups, updates and maintenance to the Drupal CMS. It means you’re always working with the latest version of the software and it’s guaranteed to be safe.

Drupal upgrades

Drupal upgrades

We carry out a Drupal upgrade if you want to upgrade your website from Drupal 6 or 7 to a higher version. That involves us doing a rebuild in the latest version and migrating the content from the old version to the new. If you’re already on Drupal 8, an upgrade to Drupal 9 isn’t so radical and it’s covered by major maintenance – like an update, actually.

Automatic testing

Automatic testing

For larger Drupal projects that are more mission critical, we use automated testing. Whenever there is a change, a script of automated tests is let loose on the project to make sure that it keeps working correctly. This lets us give a guarantee of solid software and lifecycle management, where bugs don’t keep reappearing and in which even major changes become easier to implement.

The strength of the Drupal community

The strength of the Drupal community

The Drupal CMS is supported by a worldwide community. Drupal specialists from all over the world, including One Shoe, work together on developing Drupal. The benefit is that the safety and quality of the CMS are continually being tested and improved by loads of people. And you reap the benefits! Thanks to the community of developers, it’s always stable and secure and there’s more and more new functionality.

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Service level agreements (SLA)

Guaranteed response times and resolution times with a Drupal SLA

Take out a service contract – an SLA – so that you get guaranteed response times and repair times. If needed, it can be extended to 24/7 support – outside office hours and in the weekends too!

Reserved capacity

Assured of a fixed number of hours’ Drupal admin

Reserved capacity means you are assured of a fixed number of hours of Drupal development every month. The reserved capacity can be used for further development, support, maintenance work, measurements, analysis, optimization and implementation.


Keeping your Drupal website secure, stable and available at all times

A maintenance contract means that we carry out maintenance regularly on your Drupal website. This lets us avoid disruptions and we make sure that you’re always working with the latest versions of the Drupal CMS.


Experienced support team

If there are any issues, you can always turn to our support team. The service coordinator responds straight away using our online service desk system. A team of Drupal specialists resolves incidents, sorts out issues and carries out troubleshooting and support remotely.

Their Drupal websites in safe hands

Drupal audits

Would you like us to manage your Drupal website for you?

 After delivering a Drupal project, we always make a suitable offer for managing the website or platform. If you have had another Drupal agency develop a project and you are considering getting it administered by us, we first carry out a Drupal audit.

A Drupal audit lets us check the quality of the code, the modules used and how future-proof the setup is. Security and performance audits are also possible. Based on that audit, we’ll come up with a suitable proposal for taking on the admin.

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