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Innovation and Concept Development

Innovate using Design Thinking

To get ahead and keep competing in our rapidly changing world, you and your organization need to keep renewing and innovating. Our innovation sprints help you to come up with an innovative business idea, test it and validate it in just three days.

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Innovation Design Sprint

Fast forward in three days

Markets can develop at a breakneck pace. There are technological developments, target groups change and your competitors aren’t standing still... If you as an organization are to stay ahead, you have to keep innovating.

The Innovation Design Sprint by One Shoe helps you think up, investigate and test new business ideas in just a short time. The Innovation Design Sprint is a creative and structured process based on Design Thinking from Google Ventures.

After three days you will have a validated concept, product, service, tool or feature.

"A Design Sprint is a three-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers."

Google Ventures

Why use an Innovation Design Sprint?



The sprint genuinely accelerates your innovation. A tight schedule drives rapid conceptualization and decision-making within those three days.



Take a step outside the walls of your office. Draw inspiration from our strategists and ideas people. Let them guide you.



Within three days, you’ll know whether it’s sensible to invest in your idea.

Innovation questions that we know how to deal with:

  • I can see the trend in my sector. How ought we to respond and make the most of it?
  • My target group's needs are changing. What does that mean for my brand?
  • I have an idea for my new service/product, but is it what people are actually waiting for?
  • I want to develop a new proposal or product/market combination.
  • I think out service could be improved, but I don't know how.
  • The competition is doing X. We've got to take action, but I don't know how.
  • Our solution is functionally great, but how can we make it easier to use?

Design Sprint

Day 1


The first day is all about insights and ideas. Led by our experienced strategists, you and your colleagues start tackling your organization’s questions. We dive into the problem and generate as many creative solutions as possible. We speed up the thinking process using tried-and-tested models and workshop formats.

Day 2


We distil the ideas down into a simple but powerful concept. We choose the idea here that has the most impact on the objective. We flesh out the idea, product or service further in the creative concept phase. The result is a business idea that is concrete and detailed.

Day 3


We turn your concept into something tangible on the third day using prototyping and design. We test the output with your customers, clients, end users, patients or other stakeholders. Because the earlier you do the testing, the more quickly you’ll know that the solution, concept or product is going to do what it’s supposed to.


Making the opportunities concrete

From an idea to a tangible product

You innovate by creating new opportunities. We have people at One Shoe in all kinds of disciplines for genuinely utilizing those opportunities, using high-end creation and proven technology:

Brand strategy, Digital strategy, Digital Solutions, User Experience Design, Digital Design


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