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Personas (workshop)

Lifelike personas for relevant digital solutions

Your target group consists of people with varying behaviours, personalities and needs. In the Persona workshop, we will draw up personas: lively descriptions, characteristic of your target group. This gives you much more of a feeling for the world as they perceive it and their motivations, and we can make sure that your digital solution connects with them and genuinely helps them.

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We develop personas for you in three steps:

1. Data-driven

We collect as much qualitative and quantitative data as possible beforehand to underpin the personas.

2. Workshop day!

The personas come to life during the interactive workshop. We use penetrating questions and exercises to get all the information out into the open.

3. Persona profile

We process the results of the workshop into persona passports that make the character clear at a single glance.

Bring your target group to life!

The perceived world

The perceived world

Who is your customer? What kind of personality do they have, what do they do, what motivates them? Including name, age, hobbies, demographic profile, behaviour, etc.

Requirements and tasks

Requirements and tasks

We then describe the relationship with your products or services. What does your persona want to know or do? And what can you signify for them?

The ‘wow’ effect!?

The ‘wow’ effect!?

An additional small step: how can we not only make the person’s expectations come true but also exceed them and make it a welcome surprise?

Design and develop solutions based on genuine needs

Everybody is unique, and that applies equally to your customers. A Persona workshop is the ideal way to get to know your target group through and through, focusing sharply on whom you are designing and making your digital resources for. As well as on producing the content.

  • In-depth insights into the psychology and the background
  • A clear idea of the actual emotions and behaviour of your customers
  • Inspiration for features and content

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