One Shoe (part of iO)

Stakeholder and user interviews

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, end users and stakeholders!

Interviews are used for giving you an in-depth picture of the motivations and pain points of the end-users and stakeholders.

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Why do people use the website or app? What are the tasks that they want to carry out? When are they satisfied? Interviews can give you answers to these questions. Insights you can use for improving existing services and developing new solutions.

Get an in-depth picture of motivations and interests

  • Insights into needs, motivations and interests
  • Clarification of context and online behaviour
  • Direct feedback from end users and stakeholders

Our approach

A ready-made list of questions

A ready-made list of questions

We know exactly what questions we need to ask in order to obtain the right information.

Ready in just a few days

Ready in just a few days

We plan in about six interviews so that we get all the viewpoints above water in just a short time.

Listen in directly

Listen in directly

You and your colleagues can listen in directly over a live stream

User interviews

End-user interviews give us an in-depth picture of the motivations, wishes, needs and pain points of your customers and users.

Stakeholder interviews

More and more departments have an interest in the site or app. We use interviews to map out these interests.

Inspiration for your digital services

User and stakeholder interviews tell you why your site or app is used in the way it is. Discover leads for making improvements or developing new solutions!

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