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Customer Journey Mapping (workshop)

Experience how customers use your products or services and improve the user experience at all contact moments.

A Customer Journey workshop lets us create a picture of the interaction between your customer and your organisation. It gives you a clear view of all the steps in the process, from orientation to use. We look at the whole journey as perceived by your customer. That’s how we discover what is going as it should, as well as where the customers switch off. Ideal for improving digital (and other) processes and for thinking up new solutions.

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Customer Journey Mapping – why?

Our Customer Journey Mapping workshops give you and your team just the right levers for improving your digital strategy:

  • Get a clear picture of the customer’s entire journey and all the interactions
  • Improve the bottlenecks and negative experiences
  • Develop new ideas based on genuine customer interactions

Discover the steps and the contact moments for your customers

Put yourself in their shoes

Put yourself in their shoes

Discover how the customer experiences your products or services and learn what the contact moments are.

Visual overview

Visual overview

Get an overall picture of all interactions through all channels in a single visual overview.

New opportunities

New opportunities

Develop new solutions for the bottlenecks in the customer’s journey.

This one-day interactive workshop consists of four parts:

1. Starting from the personas

We use personas as the basis for the customer’s journey. Who are your key customers? What drives them? When and how do they encounter your products or services?

2. Behaviour, emotions and questions

We examine what your customers actually do (behaviour), through which channels, how it makes them feel and what questions they have.

3. Backstage

What activities and systems are needed ‘behind the scenes’ in order to facilitate the customer’s journey? What works and what doesn’t?

4. Inspiration

We develop new ideas and solutions for the bottlenecks and negative experiences, using tried-and-tested brainstorming techniques.

After the workshop

The Customer Journey as the starting point for your digital strategy

After this day, you will have a complete and clear picture of what your customer’s journey looks like and how the customer experience can be improved. The foundations for your digital strategy!

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