Creative and Digital agency

Unique combination of strategy, ux, creation, development and advertisement

It all starts with strategy!

Knowing what results you want to get out of your campaign, website, app or online shop is our starting point. By formulating your goals, target groups, context and channels we will develop the right online, offline or mobile strategy – or a combination of strategies!


Concept & Creation for online & offline

From your strategy and targeted goals, we will create concepts of the app, website or campaigns. The concept is made tangible by the use of expertise we have in user experience, copywriting and visual design. 

Visual design User experience


Working with our in-house developers, we will provide a smooth realisation. .

  • Agile approach

    A quantitative result that is ready for implementation, within a short period of time.

  • “Right tool for the job”

    We work together with our clients to determine the right technology.

  • Open source

    We make use of open-source technologies, like Drupal and Symfony.

  • Mobile & Web

    We develop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Drupal iOS Android

Online & offline campaigns

Online advertising

In order to capitalize on the attention of your audience with your product, service, brand or message, online advertising is the channel. 

“Non digital” campaigns

Next to online channels, campaigns using offline tools such as radio and TV commercials, outdoor campaigns or traditional types of printed media are still popular. On the basis of the desired result we will create the required message for your audience.  



Measuring results

In order to make the result transparent, we measure everything we do. Be it about application performance, App store downloads or measuring impressions & clicks.

We measure where possible so that we can adjust for a better performance!

Officially ISO9001
and ISO27001 certified

The importance of quality and information security is greater than ever. One Shoe is officially ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified. This means that we are audited by external auditors and we have shown that the quality of our work is structurally secured in the organization (ISO9001) and our information security meets international quality standards (ISO27001)..

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