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Carefree management

Carefree management is a part of the project what is undoubtedly connected to obtaining your result. Updates of modules and hosting environments are the basis of carefree management. That is the reason why we have our own team full of specialists who manage these environments and that are ready for any questions you may have, 24/7. 

One primary contact

You will have one primary contact which will take care of all your questions. With all of our combined expertise and knowledge we are able to give you support with the most complex challenges and we guarantee you carefree management with all questions related to apps or hosting. 

24/7 support SLA’s

Service Level Agreements (SLA's) are contracts that guarantee specific response times and deadlines for solutions. Within SLA’s, One Shoe also provides monitoring, maintenance and other proactive services that aim at preventing any downtime. With SLA’s you receive maintenance and support 24/7.


We can also provide you maintenance without SLA’s. Maintenance prevent malfunctions and ensure that support and further developments happen with the latest versions of the software. Maintenance may be included within a SLA or agreed upon with a separate maintenance contact for Drupal websites and iOS, Android or Windows Mobile apps. 

Prepaid options

Would you like to make use of our servicedesk without monthly payments of a SLA? We also offer prepaid options which will provide you a pre-chosen amount of hours in support: 10, 25, 50 or 100 hours. These are priced as laddered tariffs. 


We can also take care of the full management of your (Drupal) application or service desk. We then function as the first contact point for all support and management questions. It includes carefree management (communication wise) with, for example, hosting or development partners. 

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