Android development

User-friendly Android apps for Tablets and Smartphones. 

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About Android

Google’s Android is the open source operating system for tablets and smartphones. Android is growing quickly and has a larger market share (than iOS). We were present from the beginning, and the development of an app is therefore in good hands with us. 

Android and mobile strategy

Next to iOS apps, Android apps cannot be absent in a mobile strategy. One Shoe therefore helps coming up with an app (concept, user experience and visual design), and develops the Android version.

Bring your app to life!

An app is often connected to information from the web. Connecting an Android app to web services is no hassle for us! If there is no web service, we can also develop it!

From prototype to Google Play

To obtain the best results from an app, it is important to decide what an app will do and how it will contribute to the goals. One Shoe helps formulating the goals and with the concepting, visual design, development and the launch of your app.

Your business case in an app

Next to apps that are driven by marketing, One Shoe is a specialist in translating business cases to Android apps. In this manner, by using apps there are (e.g.) gains to be made as contributed by more profit or increased efficiency. 


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