Build solid web applications and good working API systems in the most awesome PHP framework.

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One Shoe chooses Laravel

Most of the time your project doesn't require a big CMS like Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla. It is simply overkill. Your web application needs to be clean, solid, fast and good looking.

We choose Laravel to deliver our and your clients the best experience on the web.



This is one of the most used words on the Laravel website. It's true. Laravel is the most clean and elegant PHP experience we ever had. Writing your application backed by good looking, well documented code and working tests? No problem. 

Everything custom? Meet the PHP community

Unlike most big CMS systems Laravel is built from the ground up with PHP packages. These packages are developed by the PHP community and are able to get used in all projects that follow the PSR standards. The PSR standards are defined by the PHP community and used by the biggest frameworks like Symfony and Zend.

In 2 years has more than 80000 PHP packages registered that can be used. 

Don't get worried too much about custom programming. We will not reinvent the wheel, we will use the best wheel already made supported by one of the biggest communities.

One of the first agencies in The Netherlands 

One Shoe is one of the first agencies that use Laravel in The Netherlands. We started building web APIs and large web applications with Laravel and never looked back since. 

Come drink a cup of coffee with one of our Laravel developers and fire all the questions you have.

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