User experience design

Websites and apps that truly provide added value for your target group, digital solutions that make the lives of your users easier and more fun. That is what we develop. We aim for the best user experience. 


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Designs for your audience

Why do people visit your website, or why do they use your app? What are they trying to achieve? A well designed product, at minimum, meets the expectations of your users. But, we prefer to exceed those expectations! 

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Creating added value

There’s no use in a good user experience if it does not add value for the organisation. Within the possibilities we will determine what design aligns best with the objectives. 

User experience starts with strategy

For us,  User Experience is an integral part in the development of websites and apps. 

User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business goals. Therefore, a project ideally starts ideally at the strategy level. 

User-centered design

We put the user in the center of the design and development process of our succesfull websites and applications: 

  • Why do people come to your website / app? 
  • What are they trying to achieve?
  • What tasks will visitors perform on your website / app? 
  • What features come with it?
  • What information is (not) needed? 

Different skills within one agency

A good user experience is created when strategy, marketing, technology, design and content work together seamlessly. That's why we at One Shoe work in multidisciplinary teams, according to the Scrum methodology (Agile). This ensures short lines of communication and the best results.

Our UX Specialists

Our UX specialists and online strategists help you in the development of the perfect website or app. Together with the client they explore strategic directions, crawl into the skin of the target group and they lay the foundation for the digital strategy.

What we do


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