Web application development

User-friendly web applications that facilitate business processes

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Web application development

Sometimes a website is just not enough. Organizations can use something special: a web application.

At One Shoe we have both the technology and experience to develop efficient and user friendly web applications.

What is a web application?

A web application or Single Page Application (SPA) consists of a single web page designed for the user to perform a specific task. Page elements change dynamically when users perform the task.

Website or web application

The difference between a web application and a website is that there is no need to reload the entire page after an action is performed. The webpage is updated only at the places where it is needed. This interactivity is specific to a web application and is what differentiates it from a normal website.  


Examples of our web applications

From e-commerce tool to medical data visualization



A user-friendly web environment

A web application is often used to gain information or complex business processes in a concise and user-friendly web environment. Therefore, our specialists pay much attention to usability when building a web application: the User Experience.

We properly map the business processes, design functionality, structure and layout of the web application, and we do usability testing with end users.

Front-end and back-end Web applications

To achieve a good User Experience One Shoe develops web applications with the latest frontend technologies. Our focus is on frameworks like React.js and Angular.

With these techniques, we are able to build web applications that are fast, stable and work well on both desktop and mobile

Back-end with Laravel framework

A web application requires a back-end environment. At One Shoe we develop the back-end with the help of Laravel. Laravel is a PHP framework that is perfect for building complex web applications.

Has the back-end already been built?

In that case, our front-end developers can continue to build with the previously mentioned front-end techniques.


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