We are One Shoe

A creative and digital agency with offices in The Netherlands and Germany.

User-centered Design and Development

We have over 45 specialists that are inspired by people, advertisements and technology. We strongly believe in human-centered design and user driven development. We help brands and organisations to reach their target groups and their goals in both the on- and offline world. 


Partnership & Scrum

We believe in an open collaboration with our clients. By working according the scrum methodology, making our clients a part of the team and by focusing on the end-user, we are able to create unique and rich experience that deliver the desired results.

We focus on results

Finding a good balance between the right channels today is more important than ever.
With our combined expertise we have everything we need to find this balance and to fulfil it.
Starting from integrated on- and offline campaigns to mobile apps and complex web platforms; we think freely and focus on results. 


We look ahead

We work in a world that changes quickly. Our approach is based on entrepreneurship, flexibility and meaning. We learn quickly and are always curious as to the latest trends. 


We see no limitations and are never stuck to media or technical applications.
If you think openly, you will see more opportunities and possibilities. We believe that the right combination of online, offline, digital and print will have a reinforcing effect. This untraditional manner of thinking closely connects to the open source world. 

That is why we look for the right combination and application of open source technology so that results are transparent and measurable. With this approach we have grown to one of the open source specialists of The Netherlands. 


Why the name One Shoe

You will find them globally on the side of the road; a shoe in the verge or on the emergency lane. Sometimes they have a complete life behind them, sometimes they seem fresh from a store. How is it possible that you lose a shoe on the middle of the road? It is, and it remains, a mystery. With each shoe that passes by you cannot help but think ‘Which story is behind this shoe?’ That is exactly the question that we ask when we start a new project. 

Which story is behind the question from our client? What are they trying to achieve and why? Those are the questions that continue to inspire us and bring us further. With every acquaintance and with every challenge that we take on. 

As an agency we have our own world-wide advertising medium. If you are driving your car and you see a shoe, from now on it is likely that you will think about One Shoe. 

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