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It was time for Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, to modernise its online communication services. As part of a long-term partnership with us, we modernised five Nuffic domains to bring them into line with each other and improve the customer journey.

Need for optimisation

Nuffic helps Dutch students who want to study abroad and foreign students who want to come to study in the Netherlands. It found that it was no longer able to provide optimum service for these students with its old systems. Since Nuffic used different CMS systems, and different designs, it was sometimes a challenge for this target group to find the right information. Nuffic provides important, specific information for this group of students. It is of course crucial that this target group can find the information easily.

A single system across all domains

In order to help Nuffic with its innovation, we focused on improving the customer journey. The five different domains (,,,, were all built with Drupal. Nuffic had spread its service across five different domains because each domain has its own target group, communication objective and usage context.

On the basis of this versatile, secure and scalable architecture we built a universal module set that Nuffic could deploy on each domain. That means each team can work individually on each domain without any loss of uniformity, security and manageability. The universal design provided by the partner firm Osage also guarantees uniformity at the front end.

Important link

As well as Drupal we used Laravel. We used this solution to create a link to the HOVI higher education information database. This is an important information source for higher education and is vital for Nuffic. Organisations such as Studiekeuze123 also use this link.

What was achieved?

This new system makes it easier for students to find information because Nuffic has greater control of its domains and offers an improved customer journey. This new approach also makes it much easier for Nuffic to set up new domains. The use of the same structure and the universal module set means that a new domain immediately meets all the requirements. The impact of the new platform has not gone unnoticed among Nuffic’s ambassadors. “Several people I would never have expected to go abroad have now told me they want to go,” says Nova, the WilWeg ambassador.

+10%time on task for the three of the four top tasks
+10%successful actions when doing three of the four top tasks


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