• ING Direct Vooruit

    ING Direct Vooruit

New course

The new approach of financial service provider ING consists of several propositions that meet the needs of entrepreneurs time, overview, financial flexibility and expertise. 

Directly ahead

With ‘Directly Ahead’ entrepreneurs can manage their credit application and financial administration easily, quickly and conveniently. 


Campaign concept

Delay distracts entrepreneurs from their core business

Entrepreneurs often spend a lot of time on their credit applications and financial administration. Many entrepreneurs find this an annoying and unnecessary delay for the growth and progress of their business. With this campaign, ING and One Shoe show in an absurd way how the delay distracts them from their core business, with all its consequences. 

ING 'Directly ahead' for SME entrepreneurs

Directly Ahead is for all SME entrepreneurs who feel that they spend too much time on finance and administration. ING helps them directly ahead so they can spend their time on their company.  

The campaign consists of two online videos.


Administratieve zaken kosten tijd. Véél tijd.

Als ondernemer wil je direct vooruit. Helaas gaan sommige dingen héél erg traag...