• Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

    Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

  • Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

    Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

  • Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

    Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

  • Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

    Utrecht captivated by Star Wars

New mega cinema Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The new cinema Kinepolis Jaarbeurs officially opens in February 2017. With 14 theaters and 3,200 seats, it will be the largest cinema in Utrecht and one of the largest cinemas in the Netherlands.

Especially for the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story the cinema opened its doors prematurely on 14 December 2016.  The real film lovers were given the chance to get acquainted with the mega cinema even before the official opening. 

Star Wars campaign brings ultimate movie experience to the city

The Star Wars film lends itself perfectly to the ultimate cinema experience that the brand new Kinepolis offers thanks to the innovative visual and Dolby Atmos sound technology. 

For this soft launch, One Shoe developed the Star Wars teaser campaign that made it clear to Utrecht that you had to see the premiere of the Star Wars film at Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht.


Stormtroopers land in Utrechtt

Kinepolis makes film come to life in all sorts of ways. This goes beyond the four walls of the cinema. That's why we brought the Star Wars experience directly into the city. 

Especially for the premiere, the Stromtroopers landed in Utrecht and marched through the city to the new mega cinema. 

Promodukties - Kinepolis Stormtrooper


Star Wars tune from the Dom Tower

During the premiere of Rogue One on Wednesday, December 14, the famous theme song of Star Wars sounded throughout Utrecht from the carillon of the highest church tower in the Netherlands: the Dom.

Then all street musicians in Utrecht played the Star Wars song, so that the music spread through the city like an ink stain. At Kinepolis itself there was a 10-person orchestra who played the song with the Dom.



The press

The Stormtroopers were a striking appearance, the attention of the shoppers was overwhelming and people posted photos on social media in large numbers. The media also paid a lot of attention to it.

Among others, RTV Utrecht ("Stormtroopers march through Utrecht"), the Algemeen Dagblad (National daily newspaper)("Salvation soldiers face to face with storm troopers") and De Telegraaf ("Star Wars takes over Utrecht") reported about the Star Wars campaign.

All this media attention led to a successful and massively visited premiere of the Star Wars film at Kinepolis Jaarbeurs. 


Campagne Kinepolis - Star Wars tune vanaf de Domtoren



Advertising- en digital agency: One Shoe 
Business Director: Henriette Verkerk 
Allround Producer: Tijs Moormann
Copy Writer: Co Prins
Art Director: Michiel Keser
Klant: Kinepolis
Verantwoordelijk bij klant: Carl Lenaerts en Martijn Visscher
Productiemaatschappij Star Wars muziek: Big Shots
Project Manager: Nicky Brinkman
Regisseur: Kristiaan Asscheman
DOP: Robin Datema 



DOP: Robin Datema 
Camera: Rick Bruins , Maikel Hurts 
Geluid: Mark Kloosterhuis 
Opnameleiding: Jaro Gevers 
Productie: Ellis Thomas 
Edit: Frits Marchand 
Sounddesign: Iwen Legro 
DIT: Merijn Veldhuis 
Productiemaatschappij Stormtroopers: Promodukties 
​Creative Director: Sander Schönhuth 
Persfoto's AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad: Koen Laureij