• Taxi Centrale Amsterdam activation campaign

  • Taxi Centrale Amsterdam activation campaign

  • Taxi Centrale Amsterdam activation campaign

Order a cab with ease

Taxi Centrale Amsterdam (TCA) launched their own mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android in January 2012. This application made it possible to order a taxi via the app which made calling the taxi company redundant. This was enough reason to inform the people of Amsterdam. 

Always a taxi by your side

The fact that almost everyone nowadays carries a smartphone is highlighted by the slogan ‘altijd een taxi bij de hand’ (always a taxi by your side). The campaign visuals show the consumer a cross between a taxi and a phone, in order to convey the message clearly. 





The local settings of the campaign made it possible to segment different audiences based on their specific taxi needs and uses. For this strategy, a complementary product mix has been developed for people shopping, business people and clubbers. Local organisations in the city have been working to spread the products, which made it possible to reach a large audience with few tools.


All offline products were embellished with QR-codes which made it possible to accurately analyse the effectiveness of the campaign. With a running time of about a month, we generated around 30.000 app downloads. In that same period, about 40.000 taxi rides were registered via the app.