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A voice and a listening ear for people with aftereffects of a COVID-19

Community platform Coronaplein - Longfonds

With the launch of the Coronaplein for Longfonds, we have created a place for people with (long-term) symptoms after corona. An intuitive community platform with validated information, recognition through peer contact and advice from professionals.

A new need

Very soon after the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Netherlands, many people began to report persistent complaints to Longfonds (Dutch Lung Foundation) such as shortness of breath, fatigue, decreased stamina and (chronic) coughing. They asked for help and information. However, since it was a new virus, not much was known and people often didn’t get the help they needed.

The Long Alliance Netherlands (LAN) and Longfonds (Dutch Lung Foundation) decided to join forces. They asked us to create an online solution in the fastest way possible to support everyone who suffers from COVID19 related complaints (Long Covid). A place with information, support, contact between fellow-sufferers, treatment and advice. For now and for later.

Alone, together and with a professional

Coronaplein gives patients with (long-term) complaints after corona a place to find validated information. It is important that Coronaplein is a place for information, tips/advice for recovery after corona and stories from corona patients and healthcare providers.

Talk with peers

To offer people recognition and to make them feel that they are not the only ones with (long-term) complaints after corona, the platform offers fellow sufferers the opportunity to talk to each other. Users can share experiences, discuss possible treatments and support each other in trying times.

Advice from healthcare professionals

Low-threshold contact with a professional is also possible. People can get answers to their questions from healthcare professionals in webinars, via a telephone advice line, or via an online questionnaire.

Map complaints

Coronaplein has an important goal for users, but it is also a way to gain more insight into the disease. Concrete complaints and needs are mapped and monitored via, among other things, the 'Illness Meter'. In this way, we get a picture of the medical and psychosocial problems of now and in the future.

Results Coronaplein

The popularity of the platform has generated a lot of national and international press attention. CNN, Het Parool and RTL Nieuws, among others, paid attention to the new platform.

The results clearly show that the Coronaplein indeed fulfills a major need of the target group. As a completely new platform, the first 10 months we recorded:

  • 700.000 visitors
  • 950.000 sessions
  • 2200+ posted comments
  • 368+ conversations

Now, one year after launch:

  • More than one million unique visitors have used the platform. 
  • About 2,500 participants watched the first webinar about recovery after corona live. Nearly 25,000 people watched the webinar afterwards.
  • 2,500 people filled in the 'Ziektelastmeter Na Corona' more than 4,000 times
  • Longfonds has set up a user council to give patients more influence.

Speed and completeness

When corona got a foothold in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020, Longfonds immediately felt the need for a place to connect people with (long-term) complaints after corona. It was therefore of great importance to develop the platform and put it live as quickly as possible. We have developed in a record time of only 2.5 weeks(!). That was only possible because we used the Drupal 8 CMS. We were able to draw on everything Drupal 8 has to offer out-of-the-box to develop a fully-fledged community platform super fast. In addition, Drupal 8 offers a high degree of privacy for visitors and we make customization easy thanks to Drupal's modular working method.

The UX design and digital design serve the platform for a pleasant user experience. A clear design makes it easy to navigate the platform and visitors don't have to search for the right information for long.

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