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Helping the elderly with

Hilverzorg website

Nothing is as important as being able to stay yourself, also at an older age. Care organisation HilverZorg focuses on elderly care and supports with practical help and activities in the neighbourhood, various ways of home care, day care and adapted forms of living. With this can all be done online.

Building on HilverZorg

A new website as an extension of the goals and values ​​of HilverZorg, in which building valuable relationships is central: between employees and clients, between volunteers and caregivers and residents. But how do you achieve these goals, how do you reach (potential) clients, how do you recruit and bind new colleagues and inform them with the HilverZorg core values ​​in mind?

Core Model Workshop

The starting point for the rebuilding of the Drupal platform was formulating the needs of the various target groups of HilverZorg. With the help of Core Model workshops, we determined which pages of the site are essential, how we could make those pages relevant to the visitor and how we could increase the number of qualitative visitors and facilitate interaction. Of course, we took this into account the goals of HilverZorg. After the Customer Journey was mapped out, a translation into UX and visual design followed, with our focus on the website structure and top tasks.

Team of specialists

Our One Shoe team, including UX specialists, frontend developers, backend developers and Drupal specialists, worked closely with HilverZorg. Most important things were the user-friendliness for tablet, smartphone and PC, and the functionality of the site that must be suitable for different target audiences, including seniors. To test this, we worked with a special test team of (potential) customers, family members, caregivers, employees (including project members) and stakeholders.

Service and maintenance

The well-arranged and user-friendly site was built in Drupal 7. The Drupal CMS allows HilverZorg staff to perform content management themselves. HilverZorg has concluded a maintenance contract with us after the construction of the website so they can contact One Shoe's service desk with support questions. One Shoe offers up to 24/7 monitoring and support for this Drupal platform.


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