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LeasePlan International

LeasePlan International is the largest leading leasing company in the world. How do you ensure that large fleets of international companies can be fully serviced? One Shoe developed the new

Leaseplan International

LeasePlan International is a global fleet management company specialising in providing flexible leasing solutions and cost-management solutions. Now active in 32 countries, LeasePlan employs more than 6,500 dedicated people.

Brand new website in line with the corporate identity

The old website did not fit the current objectives of LeasePlan and the technique did no longer meet the needs of marketers. One Shoe therefore developed the new The website is built with Content Management System Drupal and is now fully in line with the new corporate identity of LeasePlan and its corporate websites

Corporate blog

To put LeasePlan International on the map as a thought leader, we also developed and integrated the corporate blog Global Fleet Insights on which experts worldwide share best practices and developments in the field of fleet management, technology and policy on an international level.

Based on the Drupal CMS

We developed the website on the basis of Drupal 7. Drupal is one of the most popular open-source CMSs in the world and ideal for websites that demand freedom and scalability, such as!


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