• eHealth applicatie van cVitals

    eHealth applicatie van cVitals

  • eHealth applicatie van cVitals

    eHealth applicatie van cVitals

  • eHealth applicatie van cVitals

    eHealth applicatie van cVitals

Remote health monitoring

The cVitals app enables patients with COPD, heart failure or hypertension to measure their heart rate, blood pressure or other values at home. The results will then be automatically forwarded to the caregiver. 

cVitals helps to keep an eye on patients

The caregiver automatically receives alerts when measurements fall above or below the set threshold. In this way, patients are monitored remotely and chronically ill patients no longer need to go to the hospital for measurements.

Connecting smart instruments

The app can be fully personalized. This means the patiënt is able to see the measurements he is supposed to do that day.  "Smart" instruments such as the Omron blood pressure monitor and the iHealth scale connect seamlessly via Bluetooth to the app.


What is immediately striking about the new app is the fresh look. Large buttons, little text and intuitive operation. - Smarthealth.nl 

User Experience of cVitals

In developing the cVitals application much attention was paid to the final users. The target group of cVitals is generally older and may have visual disabilities. That is why we have deliberately chosen for large forms, many icons, little text, and large font and a large color contrast.

cVitals: officially medical instrument

The cVitals application is very reliable and personal data is kept in a secure manner. Therefore cVitals has received a CE mark. This makes the cVitals app one of the few medical apps in the Netherlands that may be officially used as a medical instrument.


Experienced developer in healthcare

Advertising and digital agency One Shoe (Utrecht) works for a broad range of (inter)national companies in different industries.  One Shoe has won several awards for projects in health care, including e-health website Thuisarts.nl. Besides high quality business critical applications One Shoe also develops websites, online and offline advertising campaigns

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