• ING Sprinter iPhone app

ING Sprinter iPhone app

ING Sprinter and One Shoe have worked together to develop an iPhone app. This app can be used to follow the shares of Sprinters and their underlying values like AEX, gold and Euro-Dollar in real time. It is also possible to read the latest financial news from within the app. 

My Sprinters

App-users are able to add sprinters that they own or find interesting. They can also watch the return of each sprinter and the total return. After clicking the refresh button, the app will show real time share prices and the current return. 


Real time share prices

Within the shares page, the user can consult the underlying value, sprinters and accompanying real time share prices. From this page, they can add a sprinter or underlying value to ‘My Sprinters’ at once. They can also use this page to filter underlying values on: Stock, Indices, Commodities, Currency, Bonds, and All Sprinters. This shares information is provided by web services and taken via a Drupal environment. 

News & Video

The AEX news is also shown within the app, and can be shared with others easily via e-mail. To let new users grow accustomed to the app’s uses, the app also has videos available with the necessary instructions and information.