• Liberation Route app

  • Liberation Route app

  • Liberation Route app

Liberation Route App

This app uses GPS technology to give its users information about the happenings on the road to a free Europe, based on “spots” (locations), biographies and storylines. This way, visitors literally follow the liberators’, or even the oppressors’, steps. This is because the app’s content and the website aim to show each story from both sides. 

GEO location based content

Besides the “spots” (POI's, or Points of Interest, or GPS locations), the app also contains “storylines” which combine multiple spots to form one story. This way, users are able to follow a complete story from one or more locations. The app and website are constantly updated with new information about the over 3,000 kilometres long route between Normandy and Berlin. Both the app and the website are available in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish


Offline content

The apps are supported with the possibility to save content for offline use. This can be media (audio, video, text) for a number of close POIs (Points of Interest) users will be able to find and save via the map and GPS. Then they will be able to use the audio and video at the location without having to use mobile data. 

Android & iOS app

One Shoe has developed the liberation route app for Android as well as iOS. This means that the two biggest groups of smartphone users can fully experience the liberation route. 



Launche of the Liberation Route

Dutch minister Hennis-Plasschaert finds the Liberation Route Europe ‘a pearl’. “Because of the app it is possible to rediscover the route the allied forces took. She hailed the initiators during her speech in Arromanches. “With this international remembrance and liberation route our shared history is uniquely made visible, accessible and ​​tangible."