• Mobile strategy and app development PostNL

  • Mobile strategy and app development PostNL

  • Mobile strategy and app development PostNL

  • Mobile strategy and app development PostNL

PostNL services on your smartphone

PostNL wanted to make their most used services available via mobile in a simple and innovative way. One Shoe was clearly the best candidate to work together with PostNL. Together with PostNL, One Shoe designed the mobile strategy and positioning. This is how the development started and now the following mobile services are available: searching postage rates, finding postal codes or addresses, finding PostNL services and branches, and consulting track & trace codes. 

Mobile Integration Award

The development of PostNL when it comes to mobile services has not passed unnoticed. The PostNL mobile strategy was nominated for the MIA (Mobile Integration Award) in 2011. The Mobile Integration Award ceremony during the Mobile Convention Amsterdam in 2011 was the third anniversary for this award. The Mobile Integration Award was awarded to the company that utilised the mobile medium in company processes or communication in the best way at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011. Other nominees were Sanoma Media, Park-line, Bol.com, and Mocreate. 

Candidate assessment was based on innovation, integrity levels, usability and results, among others. 


The co-operation between PostNL and One Shoe has been described as very pleasant and involved by PostNL: “One Shoe is a very professional company, with a pioneer position in the mobile field, from both marketing and technical perspectives.”

One Shoe has been working together intensively with PostNL for the past five years, in order to increase and improve their position in the mobile field. 

Android & iOS applications

The great response and fast growth of the mobile market place has led PostNL to the decision to offer multiple applications. For this reason, One Shoe designed and developed an iPhone and an Android application. These applications have now been downloaded thousands of times and they are used increasingly every day.

Mobile website

Besides these apps, One Shoe has also been responsible for designing and developing the mobile website. The aforementioned services were also available on this website. For example, consumers can find the closest post offices and letter boxes based on GPS location. PostNL also introduced the Try Now concept via their mobile website. Google used the PostNL mobile website design as a perfect example of User Experience Design. 

Layar application

This post offices/letter box finder has also been made available as Layar application. This way, users can immediately find the letter box closest to them. 

Direct Mobile Marketing (DMM)

During the year, the products were improved by adding the possibility to add a two-dimensional barcode (Quick Response Code) to direct mailings. With this, PostNL and One Shoe Mobile introduced Direct Mobile Marketing (DMM) to the world. This service was offered in combination with a mobile action website, which enabled consumers to find more information on a product or service via their mobile phones. Organisations like SOS Kinderdorpen, KPN, De Oranje Camping and V&A have already made use of this concept.