• ONVZ Insurance card App for iOS and Android

  • ONVZ Insurance card App for iOS and Android

ONVZ insurance card app

Health insurance company ONVZ requested multiple mobile agencies to think about developing iPhone and Android apps. In the end, they chose One Shoe as their partner in developing the apps and supporting the rest of the strategy. The goal of the app is to support the physical insurance card with a mobile digital insurance card stocked with information on insurance policies and connections to ‘my ONVZ’. 

Choosing One Shoe

Arnoud Witsel, Webmanager ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar: “ONVZ wanted to work together on developing the mobile app with a skilled party: One Shoe is very well aware of developments on the mobile market and has already launched a number of nice mobile applications. One shoe is a great partner in mobile design; the employees are driven, enthusiastic and professional.”



Digital services

The mobile applications have been launched to provide insured people with more elaborate services. Consumers have an obvious need for information about their insurance providers’ compensations. ONVZ wants to fill those needs with this application. More and more people have smartphones and they are used with increasing intensity. Now ONVZ members can quickly check if and how certain treatments are compensated. Besides that, users will always have their own and their family members’ insurance cards on them since they are available on their phones. 

Roadmap functionality

The mobile is going to play an important role in the services of ONVZ in the future. Because of this, One Shoe has mapped out the functions and future strategy together with ONVZ. Mobile needs to become an integral part of the services and marketing mix of an organisation. Therefore, the apps have been created with a solid basis that might be used for extensions in the future, while decreasing the chance of impact on usability. Obviously users do not want to find out an app works differently after every single update.


Digital claiming

The app also has the possibility to let users claim their compensations. This can be done by taking pictures of claims and uploading them to ‘My ONVZ’. The claims will then be processed by administration. 

Connection to ‘My ONVZ'

By connection to ‘My ONVZ’, members are also able to follow the status of their deductibles and claims