• Share It! sharing charity app

  • Share It! sharing charity app

  • Share It! sharing charity app

  • Share It! sharing charity app

Share it!

One Shoe was asked to design and create the share it! app for Android and iPhone. This app is one of a kind since it has the possibility to support charities as well as entrepreneurs with one simple share. 

Based on the functional design, prototypes and visual designs, this app has been finalised while working closely together with the client. After that, the apps have been developed and launched for both iOS and Android. 

How does the app work

Entrepreneurs can use share it! to support a charity organisation by purchasing credits that make sure children in developing nations can be provided with meals. 

Then app-users can use Twitter or Facebook to share one of the affiliated entrepreneurs with a personal message. Every share means one child in the world will be provided with a UNICEF meal. 



Social APIs & Backend

The app uses connections to backend services to make credits of entrepreneurs available within the app. Besides that, the apps use social APIs for Twitter and Facebook. This way, app-users can add their personal messages to the entrepreneur they want to share. 

Over 145,000 meals so far

Since its successful launch, the app has already provided over 145,000 UNICEF meals to children in developing nations. But the app is also successful for entrepreneurs. The app makes sure their organisations are talked about constantly on social media.