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All information about crops in one place

For Naktuinbouw we developed a new website based on Drupal, on which visitors can find information about horticultural, floricultural, arboricultural and vegetable crops. All well organised and easy to find.


Naktuinbouw monitors and promotes the quality of products, processes and chains in horticulture. The focus is on sowing seed plant material. Naktuinbouw is an independent government institution and is supervised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ).

Sectoral classification

We involved end users during the development of the new website. This has resulted in a classification based on sectors. With this sectoral classification the visitor can easily find information about floricultural, arboricultural, vegetables, bulbs- and agricultural crops. Naktuinbouw does laboratory and plant variety research in these last two sectors.

Easy search functionalities

The search engine has been improved and it now displays results in pages and files. Then visitors can filter on sector level and content. This allows the user to find all the information as quickly as possible.

Great technology for a great basis

The technology behind is Drupal. Drupal is a renowned open-source CMS, known for its flexibility and organised content structure. If you want to develop a website on which many different information is offered - such as on - we strongly recommend Drupal. Drupal can convert a complex information architecture into flexible content structures and also has many options for content creation and publication.


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