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Oceans of possibilities


Based around the new central ‘Oceans of possibilities’ brand concept as the running theme, Damen Shipyards makes optimum use of modern digital tools to offer customers a rich and consistent brand experience on a robust and user-friendly digital platform.

Wherever there is water, you will find Damen

Damen Shipyards Group is a family-owned business that operates across the globe in the areas of defence, ship building and engineering with 35 ship building and ship repair docks. The shipyard concern provides maritime solutions in the areas of ship design, ship building and ship repairs. To Damen, its digital channels are of capital strategic importance to further expand its market position and strengthen the Damen brand. Yet, the fragmented digital landscape with around 70 separate areas of activity meant that the company’s brand experience, consistency and user-friendliness were open to improvement. This in turn meant that these vital channels were not being used to optimum effect and customers were approached and served in a variety of different ways.

Change of tack

In order to better serve their customers, Damen invited us to assist them with a large-scale digital transformation project. The purpose of this project was to enhance, enrich and render the brand experience and user experience consistent for all target groups.

Damen designs, builds and repairs a wide range of different ships and boats: from fishing trawlers across inland navigation vessels and ferries to luxury yachts. Given this versatile offering, the shipyard concern deals with a variety of different target groups and influencers who all like to be approached in their own way. Someone who is in the market for a private yacht requires a different approach to a port looking to purchase a new tug. The logical upshot of this is that the digital landscape of the shipyard has become fragmented over all kinds of standalone areas of operation over the years.

From top to bottom

To turn this project into a success, as Damen’s digital partner we assisted the company with their brand strategy, digital vision, user experience (UX), digital positioning and the consequent technical development of the digital platform.

DXP as the central solution

Setting out from the customer journey, we looked into ways for Damen Shipyards to best gear its online service delivery to the variegated needs and wishes of customers who purchase or commission ships, or who are in need of service and repairs. Based on these insights, we set up the new as the first step of what was to become a digital experience platform (DXP). A DXP is a central platform that allows you to reach the desired target group through a myriad of touchpoints (such as websites, apps and portals). Using a best-of-breed architecture means all current and future requirements of the platform are covered. Alongside, the DXP consists of various data sources and tooling resources for sales and marketing purposes. 

The DXP uses Storyblok combined with Next.js and Incremental Static Regeneration. Storyblok’s DXP is versatile, secure as well as scalable. The combination of Next.js and Incremental Static Regeneration makes for a fast and responsive platform.

Through the integration of as part of the DXP, we achieved the rich and consistent brand experience the company was after whilst optimising the user experience for all target groups which we developed on an equal footing across all platforms. Doing so enables Damen to approach end users in a manner that is personal and unique, albeit always in accordance with the central brand concept and delivering a consistent user experience. Thanks to the DXP, Damen’s various systems have been combined to the effect that all of the organisation’s business values are now organically connected. We also created a so-called component library for areas of operation that remain to be brought under the DXP umbrella. This means the sense of a single identity is ensured for these areas of operation too.

A new look

No digital transformation is complete without a new branding. To accomplish this aim, digital branding agency Born05 created a new branding for Damen Shipyards which is entirely in line with the new brand philosophy. Following on from the development of the style guide, we at One Shoe translated the Damen brand and design into digital designs. In doing so, the fresh new look is also optimised for the new digital landscape, allowing Damen to fully draw on this.

The future of Damen’s digital landscape

The DXP makes completely future-proof. Adding functionalities to the new digital platform is effortless and the consistency in brand experience and user-friendliness is not compromised by the implementation of new components. For future implementations, the ‘MyDamen’ customer portal and the product configurator are on the planning list.

Courtesy of the digital transformation into a central brand concept, ‘Oceans of possibilities’ embodies the radical digital transformation as a whole, precisely by embracing the vast potential that is out there on the seas and oceans.