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Pode website - Leolux Furniture Group

During the coronavirus pandemic a lot of people have to stay at home for prolonged periods of time. That makes a high-quality interior more important than ever. It's not always possible to visit stores, so online inspiration is an even bigger part of the buying process than before. Pode has responded with an entirely new website to strengthen its digital brand experience.

About Pode

The Pode furniture brand was created in 2008 and is part of the Dutch design furniture brand Leolux Furniture Group. Pode believes that design is about more than producing a single concept. They offer complete collections of furniture and accessories that complement each other perfectly, bringing beauty and harmony to interior spaces.

The path to experience

Pode wanted to transition from a functional website to a digital inspiration platform centred on experience without compromising on functionality. The old site displayed various furniture items clearly, but the new website, with its cutting-edge lifestyle photography, slick animations and video, allows a much more intense experience of the brand and the products. The new website puts the consumer's requirements right at the centre. As well as an improved experience, navigation on the website is intuitive and dealers are easy to find.

Digital storytelling

It’s very important that the design of the new website clearly reflects what the Pode furniture collection stands for: all the furniture is created by leading international designers and combines a fun style with a sleek design. The various pieces, each of which is hand-made and tells a unique story, complement each other perfectly in terms of visual language, colour and feel.

We have conveyed this style on the website by means of storytelling, digital design and various interactive elements. The new is all about experience and inspiration. Surprising interactions and design elements entice the visitor to take a more detailed look at the site. The website aims to get people inspired by the presentation and ultimately guide them to the dealers where they can view and purchase the chosen furniture in real life.

The newest of the new

The new website is ultramodern not only in terms of design but also in terms of technology. We developed the website with the Next.JS frontend network combined with Cloud (SaaS) CMS Storyblok. This headless solution is fully future-proof and allowed the design team to give free rein to their creativity to achieve the best possible brand experience.

We chose GraphQL to process the data in this headless solution. This keeps the data load as small and efficient as possible, so the website always responds quickly. The chosen technology enables fluid transitions between the various pages, a range of scroll effects and intuitive animations. We used Framer Motion to guarantee high-quality animations on the website. We pulled out all the stops to offer visitors the ultimate Pode brand experience.


We created this website on the basis of very close and pleasant collaboration with Pode. Harold Lunenburg, Senior Online Marketeer at Leolux, says: “The collaboration with One Shoe was perfect right from the start. Their creativity in design and technology played a major part in delivering the website we can see now.

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