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Campaign: 'Never more than 15 minutes away!'

St. Antonius Hospital Campaign

Is the St. Antonius Hospital in the Leidsche Rijn district too far away for Utrecht’s residents? Not at all, as is made clear by the campaign for the hospital. The hospital is always within reach within 15 minutes for everyone in Utrecht.

‘Easy to reach’ campaign

The St. Antonius Hospital is a leading, modern clinical training hospital with a number of sites in Utrecht. The hospital’s location in the Leidsche Rijn district was perceived to be a long way off by Utrecht’s residents, though, despite it being reachable extremely quickly from the city centre. To change that perception, we developed a campaign for the St. Antonius Hospital saying it is “Never more than 15 minutes away.”

Always close by

The message that “The St. Antonius hospital is always the nearest one for Utrecht and on top of that it is never more than 15 minutes away” was spread throughout the city. Triangular signs, online banners, paving stones and their own channels were used at various locations in and around the city, literally stating what the journey time is from there to the St. Antonius Hospital in Leidsche Rijn. The results were used as the basis for actions aimed at optimizing the perceived reachability where possible.

80%Active familiarity
91%Passive familiarity
56%Perception of reachability (instead of 36%)


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