• Focuscura.com

    Corporate website FocusCura.com

  • Focuscura.com

    Corporate website FocusCura.com

  • Focuscura.com

    Corporate website FocusCura.com

  • Focuscura.com

    Corporate website FocusCura.com

About FocusCura

With the help of technology, Focus Cura enables chronically ill people and the elderly to live at home longer and more effectively, and makes sure they receive excellent care. 

Every day, thousands of healthcare professionals use the innovations of FocusCura to offer the best possible care to elderly people, chronically ill patients and everyone who is in need of it. 

New corporate design, new corporate website

Originally, One Shoe developed a new corporate design for FocusCura's iOS applications. A corporate design that should have the potential to be translated to all interfaces.

This design turned out so great that we then also designed and developed FocusCura's corporate website, with a focus on visual design, user experience, storytelling and complete freedom for FocusCura.


Our challenge

The challenge was to develop a corporate website that would put FocusCura's products in the limelight in – naturally – FocusCura's consistent new corporate design.

Responsive site based on Drupal 7

The result is the new focuscura.com, a multilingual (Dutch, English and Swedish) responsive website based on Drupal 7. On this website, the visitor through storytelling learns all about the products of FocusCura. 

The combination of text and images, people and technology, empowers the narrative around the FocusCura products and provides the message "a good future for healthcare" with the right overtones. 

Visual Storytelling

The Visual Storytelling entices you in a subtle manner to scroll down: using the animation on each landing page, the visitor is directed through the various phases of the AIDA model.

Each page opens with a product presentation, subsequently considers the reasons to believe, and closes with a clear call to action that fits with the product that is being shown. 

User-friendly CMS

To make things easier for FocusCura, One Shoe developed a CMS that facilitated a user-friendly management of the landing pages they would assemble themselves and gave FocusCura a great deal of freedom in organizing and presenting the landing pages according to their own preferences. 


A result to be proud of

We have transformed FocusCura from a straightforward website into a focused marketing tool in which sales and lead management targets subtly and fittingly merge with FocusCura's identity, branding and storytelling. And with great results:

  • Since the new website has been launched, the bounce rate has almost been halved
  • The time a visitor spends on the website has increased by a factor of nearly fourteen
  • The number of pages that visitors visit per session has more than doubled.