• HAweb Community platform for general practitioners.

  • HAweb Community platform for general practitioners.

  • HAweb Community platform for general practitioners.

  • HAweb Community platform for general practitioners.

HAweb community platform

In 2010 the Dutch General Practitioners Society (NHG) and the National General Practitioners Association (LHV) approached One Shoe to realise a community platform that enables general practitioners to exchange knowledge and information among each other.

Besides a community section - the social network - also Personal Dashboard was to be developed which should function as the general practitioner's ''homepage.'' The domain name HAweb was chosen for the platform.

What is HAweb?

HAweb is a joint and independent network of LHV and NHG. The network enables general practitioners to contact colleagues and to cooperate in groups. Each member has the option to start a new group, whereby one can choose among 3 group types varying in privacy level from full access to anyone to invitation only. Within groups, members can ask questions, discuss and work on documents. HAweb's dashboard offers a handy overview of relevant internet sources and activities taking place within the network. The dashboard features several tabs like the ''office hours'' tab containing all online informational resources needed during office hours.


HAweb - interactieve website voor huisartsen met online netwerk en dashboard


Personal dashboard

The Personal Dashboard's operation is similar to Netvibes's On the one hand, it serves to offer an individually configurable homepage featuring handy tools for daily operations, and, on the other hand, it serves as a central location displaying orderly all the network's updates. Doctors can register for groups in the social network section or start groups of their own. Subsequently, they can add widgets to their Personal Dashboard showing the latest updates of these groups. Also widgets with different uses can be added, like tools general practitioners use in daily practise, note and memo widgets, RSS widgets and so forth.

Realising HAweb

One Shoe was awarded the assignment to take care for the concept, as well as the functional design, XHTML, the design and realisation of the Drupal modules, CSS and templating. Many new insights were gained during planning as well as during the construction of the functional design, leading to revision and further development. One Shoe also developed, amongst others, a new Drupal module for the Personal Dashboard considering the 2 existing options, ''Dashboard'' and ''Home'' were not fully supportive to NHG's and LHV's wishes. Additionally, an external agency developed an alternative design that provides HAweb a look & feel that is closer to an app than a website.