• Management and support intranet University of Utrecht

Management & Support question

Utrecht University developed a new Intranet and the student information website ‘Bachelorsite’ based in Drupal 7.

Both websites were based on a scrum approach and developed by a seconded internal team of Drupal specialists. Utrecht University contacted One Shoe for the management and support aspects and settled on a Service Level Agreement.



Before accepting the management responsibility, One Shoe conducted audits on the Drupal 7 web platforms. Audits are conducted to prevent problems to come to light and cause difficulties while in management phase. During the audits several areas were investigated on: documentation quality, contrib & custom modules, configuration, and coding standards. 

After the audit was conducted, One Shoe presented an audit report which served as an independent quality assessment on their Drupal installations.


Drupal support under SLA

After a positive assessment, One Shoe started managing the Drupal platforms. Since then, One Shoe has been offering support in solving issues and addressing requests. 

Drupal updates

One Shoe also takes care of Drupal maintenance (updating the Drupal modules). And thanks to a large service window, Utrecht University is able to count on One Shoe’s Drupal expertise 7 days a week, between 8am and 11pm.